Friday, June 17, 2011

Spotted on the Metro

Wow, I wasn’t aware they made pants that went up that high…

Man, I L-O-V-E a man who can dress well. I mean, come on! No one dresses that well any more. The only thing that could make this better if he had a bowtie on! I bet he has suspenders on under there…swoooooon! No, I am not gross, I do not find old men attractive, I just love a man who can dress well and own it. I guess it's left over from my year in London where men wore skinny pant suits, pointy shoes, vests and ties….yummy!!!!!

Unlike the man above, this guy is just weird. White seersucker suit, white shoes, and white top hat. Where do you think he's going?

If you can't tell what this picture is of, its a discarded high heel shoe on the opposite grate of the metro track up against the wall. Its not like it accidentally fell off because the door doesn't open against the wall when the metro cars pull up. Somehow it got thrown over there. Man, that sucks!

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