Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I love stumbling upon things in the DC and then randomly reading a post months later and find out what it really is! That’s why I love big cities, you can find all kinds of cool and amazing things. On one bright and sunny day Hanner and I were walking around the lovely city and visiting one of her favorite places, …. And crossing the street I saw this little guy and I had to race back and take a picture of him while dodging oncoming traffic….real smart, I know! Ha.

Well, along came this blog post on one of my favorite websites…Prince of Petworth, and come to find out he’s a little stick figure. There used to be plenty more of them but not any more. The Washington Post even wrote an article on the little guy! They estimate the artist who put him here has bequeathed 150 of these figures in various colors, shapes and sizes to the District over the past couple of years, though many have deteriorated or been destroyed.

And then we sat overlooking the capital building and dreamt of having fun picnics on the lawn. Sigh, someday. Well, that would require me being home on the weekends….OR WHEN HANNAH GETS TO MOVE INTO THE CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!! (More news on that SOOOOON!)

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