Monday, May 7, 2012

Crystal City Friday 5ks

I believe this is the 4th year that Crystal City has put on their 5K Fridays in April. I ran one Friday last year and one Friday the year before that. This year I decided I would change things up and register for the full 4 race series. That and I thought my boyfriend was going to be gone for the majority of April...so why not. Well, he got back in March but I've still tried to run them all. I even got the boyfriend to run the first one before heading to Dewey Beach.

I didn't get a chance to run one of the Fridays because I ended up leaving DC early that day and took some much needed personal time off from work.  I signed up with one of my sorority sisters, Betsy, and had fun being competitive with her one week and then completely hung over (yes, still hung over at 6 PM the next day) running with her the second week.

I can proudly say that I made a PR in the first race!!! (25:47 to be exact!!)  AND even better: I only finished under one minute slower than the boy!!! WOOOOOOOT. So what was out of shape from being on a boat for 2 months...not my problem! And you better believe I kept mentioning the fact I finished less than a minute after he did!


Waiting around to start the race...so many people were running!

Me and Betsy after the race we were hungover. We still managed to finish at 27:20!

Not a PR....but still finished in 26:17!!! That's 8:31 miles! (30 seconds slower than PR time)

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