Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kara and Adam's Wedding

It's the first wedding for me for the 2012 Wedding Season! Kara had me from hello when her save the date said "FREE CAKE!" Um...she knows what's up...everyone goes to a wedding for 2 things: the cake and the open bar. Yep, check mark for both of those! I've been hearing about Kara's wedding for a while now so I couldn't wait to see how it turned out, and it was beautiful! Just look at the pictures below!

Inspirational sayings on the wall in the garage...thank you Norfolk

More inspiration

Such a beautiful church!!

Freemason Abbey across the street

Massive organs

Side view of the church

Adam waiting for his bride

Dad giving away the bride

Unique window

Saying their vows

Kara looks so serious

Fun!!! This was projected onto the dance floor

AHHHH fun photo booths!!!!!!

More fun!!!

Hannah's new rock!

UM BEAUTIFUL bouquet....I wish it wasn't so blurry, I guess I tried to take the picture too fast

My wonderful dates

FABULOUS centerpieces!!!

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