Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Do You Do With 45 Sorority T-shirts?

Duuuuuh guys.... Create a quilt!! I mean, honestly. While it was super fun to collect a bazillion cute Phi Mu t-shirts in college, I don't "do" t-shirts now. Well, except to lounge around the apartment.

Before my grandmother passed away, I asked her to make a quilt from all my old shirts. She was thrilled I had asked her. So I washed and cut all the shirts (I've never had SO much anxiety before) and sent the in the mail to her (you better believe I insured that box for $150... You can't recreate a lifetime of memories). So I sat and waited...and waited.... Until I got the message it had arrived in Arizona. What I got back was amazing. Like amazing. Like life changing (ok, maybe I shouldn't take it that far, but you get my point).

So here it is in all of its glory!

Excuse the crappy iPhone picture

I do still enjoy getting t-shirts though... Like this one from Gamma Delta at AU where I'm an adviser!

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