Friday, June 26, 2015

The Winery

After exploring the Treasure Island flea market, Brad and I walked over to The Winery (yes, that is its name THE Winery).  It was set in an old airplane hangar and was really a beautiful site, as you can see below.

This would be a beautiful place to have a wedding reception, cool to be amidst the wine barrels and strands of hanging lights.

Um, why WOULDN'T you do the both series and add Glitter Sparkling Wine for only $21?!?!?!  Um... DUH that's what we did.  You get 9 tastings for $21...not a bad deal. 

We thought it was a great deal until we started tasting them.....MAN, I really wanted to LOVE this place but most just not my taste (or Brad's). There were plenty of people there enjoying their time and their wine.

But we still enjoyed spending time together gossiping and sipping on the wine.  I really liked how the space was laid out and the touches that it had connecting to the space, such as these fun explanations of local landmarks. You can see the Bay Bridge right outside of the building (not in this picture but in real life).

It really is truly a beautiful space! 

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