Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Treasure Island Flea Market

During the last full weekend of the month, Treasure Island hosts a flea market. Its been on my list forever, and despite it just being a quick 10 minute bus ride, it took me over a year to do! I went to a boot camp at Wheelhouse and then suggested to Brad that we should do it and he was game!  It is $3 to get in, but its actually pretty decent stuff inside. I don't really know how you'd bring back your goodies without driving your car.  It is free parking, but its a disaster trying to get there unless you get there early early early.

This was just one of the hundred of booths, and this one sold succulents!  So many succulents and not at a bad price. 
So many people, so many lines! There were probably 15 food trucks lined up inside the flea market and all of them had lines.

This lady had AMAZING cookies!!! I had a cookies and cream cookie and it was the most amazingly soft cookie I've ever had in my life!!

The real reason I wanted to go to Treasure Island was FOR THIS VIEW!!!

I just really, really love this city!


You can't really tell, but that is the Golden Gate Bridge

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