Monday, June 22, 2015


Along with being cool enough to know about an underground supper club, I've also joined a CSA! A CSA is community supported agriculture. I know, I know, I'm getting a bit granola-y here, let's just say that San Francisco is rubbing off on me!

There are a few to choose from here, but I went with Farm Fresh to You.  Mostly because they were at the Ferry Building peddling their ware, but I really loved that you got the option to choose what was in your box!  Actually, I think you can just choose to leave things out and maybe you get more of something else. BUT you also got to purchase additional items from their market...SWEET!!

You get to choose the big size (small, medium or large) and how frequently you want it delivered. Since its just me most of the time, I chose the small box.  And it was a perfect size!!

This was the box, filled with goodies!

This is what was in my box, and I added strawberries, bananas, and garlic

This is how the box came and it included a newsletter about the seasonal fruit and some recipes. I can't wait to EAT.ALL.OF.THE.THINGS!!!!

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