Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Charlottesville, VA

LAST STOP on my East Coast adventures was to celebrate this little lady' engagement in Charlottesville, VA.  I've been to Charlottesville once a couple of years back, when us group of girls went there for a weekend to tour some wineries and celebrate the girls finishing their masters degree from UVA.

I was so excited to go again because we had such an exciting weekend planned!  Erika has some amazing friends who came together to plan a wonderful and fun party with this lucky lady!

The day started off rafting down the river at James River Reeling and Rafting http://www.reelingandrafting.com/ and had a fun day of tubing, fun, and sun. I may have had too much fun because I went under and lost my ray bans. Insert VERY SAD FACE HERE, but alas they were a few years old and had a scratch on the lenses, and honestly I'm amazed I haven't lost them before.  We even had an old school disposable camera (that could get wet), so I'm sure there were a lot of amazing pictures that were taken, but we'll have to wait to see those.

From there, we headed back to the house and got ready to start the evening right!  First, we showered Erika with love and gave her a few things to "stock the bar".  There were these cute balloons and pictures printed of E with all of her friends.

Pictures every where!

E opening her gifts. She had to try to guess who her gifts were from. She sort of cheated because she rode with us and saw a bunch of stuff.  Oh well!

And here's a few throw back pictures to the first time we all went to Charlottesville in 2012.

 Emily, me and Erika
Me and Melissa. God that necklace looks hideous, oh the fashion...

265 Ferry Street, Scottsville, VA, 24590

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