Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Beach (No, not that one)

While in D.C. Hannah mentioned that she wanted to check out the new art installation at the National Building Museum, and normally I would dread looking at "art", but I knew exactly what she was talking about with this installation and I WAS SO EXCITED!!!  The exhibit is called The Beach and is around until September 7th...so if you're in DC....GET ON IT.

Little did we know that it was SO popular that we stood in line for an hour and a half to get in!!!  And we cut out probably an hour because we had pre-purchased tickets!!  Totally worth it though.  There were SO many families standing in line waiting to get in.  If I had kids I would NOT have stood in that line!  No way Jose!  And if you go, make sure you wear pants (no dresses here!) and bring a bag you can completely close (zipper or button), they told us they had a lot of people loose things in there!  Just like the real beach!

Well we finally got in....CHAOS, just CHAOS. But what a cool concept!

Hannah fairing well with her bubbles...

Me not so much....Actually it was SUPER hard to do the ball pit!  I guess as a little kid, you're much more agile and able to deal. It was pretty deep (ok, like waist deep), but it was near impossible to put your foot down flat on the floor to stand up. And it hurt A LOT to step on those damn balls to stand up.  A couple of times we had to grab each other's hands to pull us up!

It was pretty funny.

And exhausting!

Buy fun!

Getting swallowed up whole by the balls!

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