Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Washington State

Wow, I had NO idea how GORGEOUS Washington State was! I guess I've been living in a concrete jungle for so long that I forget how amazing nature is!

We got in the car and headed to the mountains to go exploring.  ROADTRIP!!!!

First stop was checking out Mt. Baker

Brandy trying to reach the top of the big tree.

I look so tiny in comparison!

Only YOU can prevent forest fires! I can't pass a goofy thing without trying to pose with it.

7 principles to live by in nature!

This is called Picture Lake, it is the most photographed mountain scenes in America. I don't wonder why....

I mean, isn't this PERFECT?!?!?!

We kept climbing in the car until we reached the top area and pulled over.

There's still snow on the ground!!

Well hello there beautiful!

An attempt for a panoramic picture

So peaceful and quiet

I could get used to this view!

And then I'm going to leave you with these beauties!!

Brandy and I in front of Picture Lake

And the 3 of us. Its a rarity to get Dad in a picture

And then I leave you with this BEAUTY.....this is my sister, me and my brother probably somewhere around 1985-1987?

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