Monday, August 3, 2015

Seattle Space Needle

Next up in the Seattle adventure after Pike's Place was visiting the Space Needle!!  The Space Needle was built for the World Fair in 1962.  The Space Needle isn't the only thing I've been to that was created for a World Fair!  The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco was also built in 1915.

Anyways, back to the Space Needle! Did you know it only takes 41 seconds to reach the top via the elevator. It was fast!! It was pretty cool to see the city get smaller and smaller as you rode to the top.

Oh hey there Canada!

View of the city from 520 feet above!  Look how beautiful Mt. Rainier looks in the back ground!

It was so cool to see the tops of the buildings!

The view from the other side.

Brandy & I posing on the Space Needle observation deck.

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