Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake

Three words...FAT KID HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nikki (who was in town for the weekend...YAY!) and I treked out to Georgetown Cupcake for a tastie one before I sent her off on Monday. Click on the link to view the AMAZING menu choices! Wow, how different M street is during the week! Well, then again it was like 10am....give it a few and I bet it would have been crazy. We got right in and only waited for like 5 minutes for our treat, but thankfully we got there when we did because the line started to expand out the door (it was before 11am). Guess there are other crazies who also want a sugar fix in the morning. Or, like us, just wanted to beat the massive amount of people. I've seen the line pretty damn long and I bet people were waiting in line for at least an hour. Some people have dedication...and I'm one of them! There is also a new TLC show premiering next week called DC Cupcakes and its all about Georgetown Cupcake. Click here to learn more about the show. Not sure if they are tring to compete with Carlos' Bakery (Cake Boss show on TLC) which, coicidentally, I've also been to. Guess I'm a fat kid at heart! I can't see any big shennanigans happening...they aren't a big crazy Italian family! Who knows, maybe it will be good?

Red Velvet (my personal fave!) and Mint Chocolate.
Yes, I ordered two...one is at home waiting for me to get home tonight!

Nom Nom Nom!!!!

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