Wednesday, July 21, 2010

United! United! I'm a United!

Hello future baby daddy Landon!

Wow, this was just...wow. Hannah, Bree, and I all watched the DC United vs. LA Gallaxy. We had pretty darn good seats! We were in the second section up from the field in the second row. However, we all noted that the field seemed a lot larger on tv....hahaha. We have the same seats again for the next game. We were all running a bit late (hey, I just had a whole day of flying from Arizona..cut me a break!) so we didn't get to see the beginning of the match but we fully intend to capitalize on the tailgating before the next game! Besides, its on a Saturday at 8...sweet!

My camera sucks (its like 4 years old) and these pictures seem way further away than we were actually sitting. Too bad the half naked boys picture wasn't better. Damn, if I could ever think of a better reason to have a 10x zoom!

We were loving the pirate theme of DC United...who knew? Wonder what the connection is? Well, the final score was LA Galaxy 2, DU United 1. It was hard to not route for DC but come on, of course I was going to route for LD! I loved that there was so much chanting going on! We are fully prepared to support United next time though ;)
So much fun to watch! And even better to watch the refs throw up yellow cards!
Landon taking a pentalty shot...of course he made it!
woop woop, half naked men!

So much fun!

Half time shennanigans inside the stadium. Kind of hard to see but super exciting to experience!

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