Monday, July 12, 2010

Rotating Door Policy

Man, sometimes I feel like my baby tiny studio has one of those rotating doors installed...and I love it! I'm so glad that my friends want to come and visit and that I don't live too far away to thwart their desires :) Crystal came up to visit on Friday and stayed until Sunday. It felt like a really long 4 day weekend for some reason. Last weekend's 4 day weekend flew by (probably because I spent the better part of the 96 hours drunk, but that's besides the point) and this weekend was amazingly long! For those of you who don't know, I will be in Crystal and Steve's wedding this Fall and I'm super stoked about it! Ha, it was super hard to explain to my friend how I knew Crystal and it was like well, she's a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, but we all hang out together so its great!

We started off the weekend accomplishing another task on my list: Jazz in the Garden. Every Friday night from 5:00-8:30 there is a free jazz concert at the National Gallery of Art. You can bring a blankey and some friends to enjoy a nice relaxing start to the weekend. It made for some great people watching. Some of the people were horrifically dressed while others I was practically salivating on their wardrobe choices! I must say that I really enjoyed this event and I look forward to going again! Thanks Melissa for such a great suggestion!

Me and my new friend close to the National Gallery of Art. No idea who he is/was but probably has something to do with the Navy. I love taking really odd photos.

Crystal in front of the Navy memorial sign.

Jazz in the Garden! Bucket list check off :)

And Saturday morning we headed off to Georgetown Cupcakes (of course!) I recently found out that GC gives 100 free cupcakes away to the first ones to ask for the special flavor by name. If you friend GC on FB, it lists the special, not on the menu, flavor of the day. Saturday was Caramel Apple...which was fantastic! It was a present when I found the gob of caramel in the middle. MMMMM. There are just so many flavors that I want to try so this time I got 3 new flavors. I'm pretty sure Crystal was enamoured too!
Crystal about to chow down on a peanut butter cupcake...mmmm. Jealous! I will have to try this one next time.

New flavor discovery...Mint Cookies and Cream! MY FAVOURITE!

Crystal's choice of cupcakes (and no she did not eat all 6 at once!)

From L to R: Mint cookies and cream, chocolate ganache, and caramel apple

Where all the magic happens!

Saturday night Crystal and I went to Wolftrap to see Mamma Mia! We had such a blast! If you get lawn seats ($25) to any show at the venue you can bring your own picnic basket (complete with alcohol) and enjoy relaxing before the show. Doors open 90 minutes before and everyone rushes in to get their prime spot on the lawn. We got there just in time to get our tickets and stand at the gate and 5 minutes later we were off to find our spot. It was really fun to sit there and relax. It had rained all morning so the temperature really fell so it wasn't a miserable 100 degrees. The sun came out too to help dry up the rain so it wasn't a muddy mess which I thought it was going to be.
Crystal and I waiting for the show to start :)
Saturday night Crystal and I met up with my friend Aaron out in his flat near Howard University. Coicidentially he was like "well, we're going to meet our roommate at Wonderland Ballroom, have you heard of it?" HAVE I EVER...its my favorite place in the world! HAHAHAHA. So Crystal also got to see my favorite place...along with Erika and Nikki. And Erika, I am happy to report that the awesome black man was there again :) It is a bit in the hood, but that's the way I like it. I think there might have been a shooting or a stand off like 3 blocks from the place because the cops had about a block sectioned off. Ahhhh, just like home aka Hampton Roads!
Sunday we relaxed in the monring...well, more like slept the morning away. We walked down to the Crystal City Sports Pub, not to be confused with Crystal City Restaurant (aka a strip joint) to watch the World Cup final match. It was a killer! Spain scored the only goal in extra time. I think there were something like 13 yellow cards given out and 1 red card...CRAZY! Def not as crazy violent like the last final world cup match between Italy and France with Zi's headbutt, but still exciting! It amazes me that people try to come into a restaurant in the middle of a match like that and expect to get a seat! We were there for lunch like an hour earlier and just stayed through the match. Yay!
Another friend weekend down, how many to more to go? I can't wait until all of the girls come and visit!

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