Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Phi Mu Convention

Past National President Robin White Fanning giving the gavel and pin to new President Kris Bridges

I cannot even come up with the words to describe how amazing going to Convention for the first time was! This has been a dream of mine for quite some time now; I was out of the country living in England both past years (06 and 08) so I wasn't able to attend. One check off from the Lifetime Bucket List. I was able to go as the Tidewater Alum delegate so at least some of the cost was offset...boy, its expensive to go! But it was all worth it in the end :)
Wow, the older ladies were simply too awesome to describe. There was a woman who has attended 28 conventions (they are held biannually-so she has attended Convention for 56 years!), I met one lady who has been an alum for 65 years-um, she's my grandma's age and she is still giving back to Phi Mu), one lady has donated $250,000 in her life and has also willed another $250K to Phi Mu Foundation. I often have a hard time explaining to people why I am still so active in Phi Mu and why I choose to give up time to give back to an organziation that is commonly thought of ending when you graduated college. Unless you have lived it, you probably wont understand but I will try, "I am helping shape the women leaders of tomorrow...what do you do?"
I am super excited to still be Gamma Alpha's (William and Mary) and Gamma Delta's (American University) Finance advisor and am looking forward learning more information to become a more effective advisor. I really love having a creative outlet and still having fun when the grown up world sucks all of the life out of you!
I really wish that I wasn't living outside of my means here in DC because I would love to give more money to Phi Mu, but since I can't for the mean time, I will just volunteer my time instead. At least I am giving back, if not financially. But I mean, every dollar counts so I'm going to try to give some money a month...starting now!
I got some really good ideas and inspiration while I was at Convetion. I'm going to try to infultrate the DC chapter..muahahahaha (that's my take over the world laugh) and then I also plan on starting a Chapter Association (an alumni group just for Lambda Epsilon girls)! If you are reading this LE girls, and would like to help out, let me know-its def not a one woman show!

Next up: San Antonio! Sign me up for more sweating July 3-7, 2012! What is it with these ladies picking sweltering hot locations in the middle of summer?!?!? (Must be good discounts because no one in their right mind is going to a resort in 115 degree heat!)

I give up trying to put these photos in order. So here goes:

New National President Kris Bridges. Her speech started with her saying her and Ludacris share the same name...yup, I'm going to love her!

Saturday's formal dinner...its gorgeous!

View of the mountain from the resort.

Centerpieces on the tables. They were spectacular!

Chris Donovan and I in our white dresses.

Look at the size of that margarita!!!!!

Fantastic margarita

And I finally finished it!


At the pool party!

Its sweet to be a Phi Mu!

My new favorite lady Anita Johnson...she's been a Phi Mu for 69 years!

Author Victoria Alexander who is a Phi Mu too!

Caring Carnations for everyone! Thank you to all of you who purchased one for me :)

Yay Lambda Epsilon!!!!

Me with our flag :)


The BEST bed ever!

This is the list of donors to Phi Mu Foundation. The list on the left is of those who have donated more than $1,000. The pink lists on the right are those who have signed up for yearly donations of either $500, $1000, or $1852. One day my name will be on both of these lists!

Amanda and I dressed for Feathers and Fringe!

Yay Gamma Alpha!

Anna and I

Beautiful ladies of Phi Mu


  1. Hi!!!!!

    I went to this convention as a collegiate delegate! It was my first convention! I am planning on going to next years convention in Boca Raton for my 25th bday/grad school graduation present! I stumbled across this page because I was telling my little how wonderful convention is! This post makes me want to go and encourage my sisters to go all the more!

    Maybe I will see you next year?

    Monique Purnell
    Mu Chapter

    1. That's great!!! It was my first one as well! I've since been to my second one in San Antonio and I'm excited to plan my THIRD one next summer! I absolutely loved it and hope to see you in Boca Raton!

      Love in Our Bond,
      Amber Overton
      Lambda Epsilon Chapter